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    For customer support issues, please e-mail us at support@toadorn.com 

    For Returns, please email support and we'll provide you with the details you'll need to return the item to us.  


    Frequently Asked Questions

    When will my order ship?

    On promotion items (Free+Shipping), please allow 15-30 days for arrival. Oftentimes we run large promotions and specials, and if we sell out of our inventory on hand, we have our suppliers ship directly to our customers to save time. This is why the order period is longer than our local shipments. 

    I returned my item, how long until I get my refund?

    After we receive your item back to our facilities, we typically process the refund within 48 hours. However, the banks and credit card companies typically take another 7-14 days to put the funds back into your account.